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Coming from the mystic land INDIA, from a spiritual and yogic family, Aruno discovered the holy knowledge of Tantra, from his maternal grandfather in  childhood. Later he developed and still evolving the tantra holistic knowledge from different maestros

(gurus from india) and sharing with people.

Since 15 years he is offering Tantra and Ayurveda knowledge professionally, through  massage with a soulful conscious healing touch method.       


🌿.Tantra massage -

depending on the interest of the client, for example, towards white tantra or red Tantra, with oil, or without oil, with intuitive flow of mind and body, with a  parallel reach to the door to open up the blocked energy and to recharge the power.                                    


🌿  White tantra - 

So the Tantra you can experience is a sort of Yogic approach, where the giver and the receiver don’t undress. It is a way to explore your inner self, removes personal blocking ideas from your mind.


Some people see it as a sort of meditation.


White Tantra also involves some chants, positive Mantras and sometimes very relaxing flute music. The ambience you need is calm, relaxed and obviously unaware of time. It also allows a mental clarity to see better who you are, to look inside yourself and recognise issues under a new light.


🌿Red Tantra - 

Red Tantra works on sensual energies and is capable of creating a very intimate connection between the masseur and the receiver.


This special experience helps releasing tensions and it works in the opposite way to White Tantra, healing your body first, and consequently influencing your mind and spiritual health.


Red Tantra is a way to unveil secrets about yourself. The kind of secrets that deal with your intimate life, sometimes blocking, fears or dissatisfaction.   

Together with Aruno you’ll discover new ways to touch, to receive touch and to explore your body. He will show you new sorts of stimulations that will awaken your sexual energies.


The purpose is never the immediate orgasm, but a longer and much intensive path to discover a much more powerful climax. 


Tantric massage never include sex as the full act.                                        


🌿 Ayurveda massage - 

You receive a full body abhyanga massage with oil (no intimate part) , and on your special demand, it could be a partial only, for example prishthabhyanga ( back and shoulder), padabhyanga ( feet massage) with perticular oils, according to the body types.             


🌿 Duration + price  -                 

🌿white tantra massage - 2hrs/300.- sfr                                                   

🌿 red tantra massage - 2 hrs/320.- sfr                                         

🌿 Ayurveda full body massage -   2 hrs/ 280.- sfr.                              

🌿Ayurveda back+shoulder - 1 hr/ 150.- sfr (90 min/ 200.- sfr)                               

🌿Ayurveda feet massage - 1 hr/ 150.- sfr (90 min/ 200.- sfr) 

🌿 Booking -

🌿 Website -

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